Proscenium arch. Performing area 9.75m x 9.45m
Pros opening 9.15m x 5.79m
Wing widths 2.74m SR, 2.74 SL
Raked floor 1:32, 0.15m boarding covered in lino
Crossover, stage heated
Height of grid 13.85m
32 hemp sets, 0.3m apart
Tab track - 250kg permitted on bars
Maximum flying height 6.55m
Underside of grid to stage at back wall 13.6m
Red velour house tabs, flown. No 1 Tabs Red Velour
Orchestra of 20 accommodated on floor
Get in, via side lane - dock doors 1.75m x 4.57m
Safety curtain and smoke/fire alarm system (please consult Stage Manager with any queries)

1 x Rank Strand GSX 96 way memory board complete with Genius Kaleidoscope Communique software,3 phase operated
from a control room at the rear of the auditorium.
8 floods, 14 t. spots, 24 fresnels and 12 par cans
2 Strand Solo CSI follow spots operated from lighting bridge.
Three phase electricity supply stage left.
300kv supply.
63 amp single phase and 32 amp three phase outlets on stage.
C4 outlets on stage

Hired as required. Acoustics suitable for music and spoken word.
Clean sound feed at back of the auditorium and on stage.
Please Note The theatre is equipped with a Audio Loop for the hearing impaired. Therefore amplifiers and speakers cannot be placed under the stage lip as feedback occurs.

5 dressing rooms, 3 on ground floor, 2 chorus rooms on 1st floor, one with shower, band room, 2 power points in each dressing room.
Theatre pianos, Yamaha Clavinova in the pit and Baby Grand
on stage.
Advice given on accommodation.
No permanent technical staff - casuals available - no security

740 seats plus 6 wheelchair spaces

For any queries or to send technical spec through for individualshows please email to the Stage Manager at: